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Daily thing to do Daily!

Wake up early, to music, temperature outside, same time every day, have lights turn on in morning automatically, write down dreams, breathe deeply after waking up, and make bed
Drink a glass of water 1st in the morning, green tea, wheat grass juice, a kale shake, bulletproof, coffee with GF butter, drink lots of water

Run, swim, bike, yoga, meditate, weight lift, stretch, earthing, steam room, sauna, hot tub

Take shower, rinse off, and use dry towel to dry w/music playing

Q-tips, toothbrush/brush teeth, mouth wash, floss, fluoride toothpaste, teeth white strips, teeth scrappers, shaving cream/shave, neti pot, eye drops, aftershave/face lotion, cologne, deodorant, lip bum, hand lotion, asthma medicine, vitamins, protein, alpha brain pills, fish oil, and zma
Check calendar for important dates, to do list, check bank accounts, credit cards, bills online, daily coupons, news, the forecast, sports center updates, motivational quotes, lottery results

keep track of expenses, calories, inhaler usage, track of hours worked, water in fridge, shoes fresh, TV cleaned off, ion air purifier clean, electronics charged, a grocery list
DONT hit the snooze button, smoke cigs, smoke in room, litter including cigarette butts , chew tobacco, drink soda, waste gas, waste food  , leave food out, waste money, go to gas station, use vending machines, waste electricity(shut lights off), waste time, watch commercials, waste water, get parking tix, eat in bed/before, lose stuff, be late, break stuff, stand in lines

Eat breakfast, eat vegetables, eat fruit,   know what gonna do for dinner

smile, be nice to people, tip well, be on time, be organized, recycle, try new things pre-warm car up, shovel if needed, water bottles for different places, water plants/wheat grass, set rain bucket out, sit up straight/ good posture, have music playlist for different occasions, headphones/speaker hook ups for different places, make list of thing to-do that day do brain memory practice, make sure to text/call/email/fb/ people back, practice guitar

Record TV shows gunna miss, clean coffee mug out b4 leaving work, wear seatbelt
relax/meditate 20mins before bed, read out of a book, write in journal
iron shirt, make lunch for next day night before hand, grind coffee/make coffee night before have outfit for next day laid out, set alarm night before/weekly on phone have separate clothes to sleep in, take piss before bed, go to be same time everyday have sex, use konoki detox foot pads/dry brush feet, use sleep app, sleep with TV off/ pc off

Smartphone, Smartphone case w/credit cards & id, cash in money clip/ rubber band, keyport w/light/bottle opener/ memory stick, pocket knife, lighter leash w/lighter, belt w/ Bobbie pin on it, sunglass, hat

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