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Theses stand up paddle board paddles are pretty cool. They are made for longboards for controls and for pushing off for speed. They are pretty easy to make and cheap to make also compared to the store bought ones. The tennis ball grips the road to steer or push off.

You’ll need some of these


Step 1: Tools and Supplies:



  • jig saw- to cut wood length or find the size
  • sissors- to cut tennis ball
  • drill-
  • phillp bit- for screwing in tennis ball
  • sand paper


  • inch diameter wood 8 feet long
  • tennis ball
  • electrical tape
  • screw


Step 2: Making:


Making the longboard stand up paddle board is pretty straight forward. I cut my one inch circular piece of wood to about 8 feet, you can make this length what ever you want to fits you best. I sanded down the wood to make it smooth when using. I then attached a tennis ball to one end. I did this by cutting an X in the tennis ball and putting the end of the wood in the tennis ball. I used screws to surcure the tennis ball. I also added electrical tape for gripping and looks.

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