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Mini Disc Golf Pin

I saw one of these pins as a display at a store and ask how much and they said 150.00$. although it was made out of metal the one I decided to make works just as good. I did get a few ideas from a different instrucable that I would like to give credit too.

Step 1: Get Supplies and Tools



  • 10 inch fan
  • 8 ft chains
  • 3/4 inch pvc pipe 6ft
  • 3-(3 ways 3/4″ pvc connector)
  • quark
  • 3/4 inch two way connector
  • 4- 3/4 in end caps of legs


  • saw
  • pliers
  • screw driver
  • silver duct tape
  • silver spray paint


Step 2: Assemble Pvc Stand


cut the pvc into 4 six inch peices and 1 12 inch piece and connect the pieces into the connector pieces.


Step 3: Make Basket


the basket is made out of a 10 inch fan. I took the fan apart and had to pieces. I cut one of the sides so that it was flat for the top. I screwed this piece in a 1 ft piece of pvc pipe. i put a cork in the pvc to screw into. I cut the chain lengh in to 1 ft pieces. For the bottom of the basket i used the other have of the fan with the the sides that curve up and cut them to fit on the lids.


Step 4: Final


The fan was origanlly white and i spray painted it with silver spray paint.
I also put silver duct tape around the white pvc to give the metal basket look.

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