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Introduction: Spinning Wheel

  • This is how to make a Spinning Wheel this one is for when you don’t know what to eat I made 12 options on it to make you decide.
  • Sometimes when we spin it we do best of 3 lol.
  • Its pretty easy to make probably have most of the stuff around your house.

check out the one on amazon you can get them there too

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

  • Tools
  • compass
  • printer
  • markers
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • Supplies
  • card board
  • paper
  • paper clip

Can get all that now here

Step 2: How To: Make a Spinning Wheel

  • This is how I made a Spinning Wheel.
  • Figure out what size wanted and how many pieces in the pie you want.
  • Print out template or make your own
  • cut it out of cardboard and paper
  • glue paper to card board
  • bend paper clip as shown in video
  • cut arrow out of card board
  • attach arrow
  • draw / make what you want on pieces of pic
  • spin the wheel
  • If you like my instructable please use my amazon link below to help me out

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