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Golf Bag Belt

Step- 1

  • Gather Tools and Supplies
  • Belt 
  • Elastic
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • stuff to put in belt

Step-2 Making

Wrap the belt you are going to use around your golf bag to see how it fits. Make sure belt is not to small or to long. It will function just like a normal belt but around your golf bag. Once you have belt on bag and it fits right mark where the belt clip is going to attach to itself. I connect the belt on the under side of golf bag.
So I make a mark on the belt when it was wrap on my bag where it will be placed when using. I marked on the belt where I plan on attaching the elastic.  Mark where elastic is going to go and take off bag. Then cut a piece of fabric to fit the marks that you made on belt.
Go to your sewing machine and start sewing the elastic to the belt.  Start on one side of the belt and start sewing vertial where the stuff is going to be insterted into belt. Remeber to leave a little of slack in the elastic for bigger stuff you plan on putting on belt bag.

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