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Golf Ball In Wood Game

  • Step 1- Get Supplies and Tools
  • Block of would 1 3/4 inch
  • golf ball
  • Drill 
  • drill bit
  • sand paper
  • pencil

Step 2- measuring

Measure the block of wood where you are going to make the drill marks. Make marks with a pencil. This is very important that you mark where  you going to drill so you don’t drill to close to the edge of the block of wood.  The length of the wood can be as long as you want.  The block of wood is 1 3/4 inches the drilling is going to be 1 1/4 leaving a 1/4 inch on each edge of where you are going to drill.

Step 3-Drilling

When drilling into the block of wood you need to be very careful. You should already have links drawn on the block of wood. Line up the drill bit 1 1/4 inch drill bit.  You will need to drill into the wood from all sides.  Drill Slowly and carefully. The drill bit is rounded so make sure on the ends you line up the round of the drill bit to cut where you want.

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