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Golfing Bag Storage

Step 1- Tools and Supplies

Get wood project-i used 2×6’s

  • Screws-3 inch
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Tape measure
  • speed square
  • pencil

Step 2-Planning

Make sure to plan out how you want it to turn out. Make sure to measure everything twice. I planned out that I would need a bottom, two sides, a back side and top. The front will be open to slide bag in. I used three 2x6s on the sides and the back.  The height of the storage system is up to you. Make sure it is tall enough to fit your clubs in it.

Step 3- Framing

I started making the two side the exact same but opposite. Using three of the 2x6s laying them side by side. Then I cut two pieces of wood the lengths of the width of the three 2x6s. I used these to keep the side in place by screwing them into the side wall making a side of the holder.;
I made the back side of the holder the same way. Make sure you make the back the same hieght of as the sides. Make the back piece the same way you did the sides.
Then make the bottom of storage unit.  Make this to fit with the sides and back. Make sure to measure the bottom to fit with the sides and back when all screwed together. You can make the bottom in a different type of ways.

Step 4-  Attaching

To attach everything together you might need to get somebody to hold the sides and back as you attach them to the bottom of storage.  Make sure you know which side will be the front. Screwing all the sides together and to the bottom will stregthen the frame as you attach them all together.

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