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Happy Gilmore Hockey Stick Putter

This is DIY on How To make your own Happy Gilmore Hockey Stick Putter.This putter is fully functional and just awesome. It was made with common tools, and didn’t cost that much to make. This is great to have in your bag everyone comments on it. People want to try it out, take pics of it, and seem to really like it.
For a Stress Free Golf Swing

This has a flat head on it so it can be used as left handed or right handed. I’ve seen people sell these for over a hundred dollars. Following this blog you can make your own. I played both hockey and golf and years after seeing that movie I had both the putter and mini hockey stick out and decided to go ahead and make it.
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Keep in mind that if you have this in your bag it does count as a club if you are serious lol.  This putter is full length for adults but kids do enjoy using it and is easier for them to hit the ball cause it’s bigger.
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Tools and Supplies

Step 1-Visualizing

Look at the putter and mini hockey that you are going to be using to make it. Could make the head of mini hockey stick yourself by using anything that can cut into hockey stick shape.


Make sure the mini hockey stick is a flat blade. Mine is a fiber glass type material.  When it comes to the putter many are different at the heads but there’s a type that you see a lot that you can find at many thrift stores.

Measure Twice Cut Once

Look at the picture to see what kind I used.  Line them up together to see what kind of angle you will want the head of the hockey stick to be at so when you attach them they will line up.

Step 2-Cutting

Before cutting the hockey stick putter make sure know how it will be mounted make measurements make marks, always double check you measurements and marks before cutting.
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The first cut is pretty easy this is just cutting the putter head off with a hack saw toward the end so there is enough room to mount it to the mini golf hockey stick head.(SEE PIC) Simply cut the putter head off with a hack saw.
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Now cut the mini hockey stick so that when mounted on the golf handle it will sit right at a good angle for putting. I cut this with a jig saw. You can make the hockey stick part out of metal or wood. I happen to have this fiber glass one around.  Make sure the hockey stick blade will line up with putter handle and cut off the blade.
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As always with cutting make sure to sand down any lose materials that you cut.

Step 3-Drilling

Once they are sanded down drill holes in both the golf club handle tip and the mini hockey stick blade.  To do this make sure that they are lined up in the correct spot to drill them. Us a pencil or marker to mark where the holes will be drilled. This will include drilling four holes total, 2 on the putter handle and two on the hockey blade. This could be mounted differently this is just how I mounted this one.

“Talk about a hole in one”

These holes can be drill out with a power drill, if using a power drill make sure to make straight drill holes. Otherwise could use a drill press to drill them. The diameter of the hole drilled was .25 inch so this will determine what size nuts and bolts will need to fit threw the holes.

“Just tap it in, give it a lil tap-eroo”

After drilling out holes make sure to sand and clean up the holes. Since your are drilling threw metal it can have metal shavings. Be patient when drilling threw metal and use the correct bits.


Step 4-Attaching

This is a good thing to know even before drilling you holes or planning a project for that matter. Since in the last step we used a .25 inch drill bit to make the holes, we will be using a bolt that fits in that hole the same size, or just smaller. If you use to big of a hole and bolt it wouldn’t be big enough on handle.

To save time always have NUTS AND BOLTS ORGANIZER

So if you have the right width of the bolt will get the corresponding nut to go on bolt you will need to get the correct length. This can be different depending on width of putter and blade. I used 1.25 inch length bolt and used two of them total sticking them threw both blade and golf handle. Keep in mind which side of the putter you want the nuts on.

Getting into golf shape


Step 5-Painting

Once you have the hardware all mounted how you like it, painting it gold give it that final cool looking putter. Painting this is pretty straight forward as it comes to painting. I would not sand the metal handle, but I would spray it with primer before painting with gold.

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The best way to paint this is to use painter’s tape to cover anything you don’t want painted gold.  Since this an odd shape I used string to hand it up from the ceiling so that it could hang freely and spin to paint it. I would add a couple coats of spray paint.

Also another thing to do when painting is to add clear coat after the paint has dried.  Adding clear coat will keep the Hockey Stick Putter from getting scratched. I used all spray primer, paint and clear coat.


Step 6-Summary

Lastly you want to add the finishing touch, which is adding the black patch to blade head of the hockey stick. Make sure you put it on the side for right or left hand or both.

I actually used velcro that works great. It give the club head some give when making a putt. This is used by placing your hand half way down so you are both doing a golf slash hockey swing.  I don’t use this as my actual putter but it does work as one.  I have made ten foot putts with this.

Thanks for reading if you have any tips or suggestions for me please let me know. Also if you make one yourself post it below

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Happy Gilmore Hockey Stick Putter
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