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Awesome Tips For Using Automation To Save Time Working On Your Business

Understanding the reality of automation will help you be able to use it better to save time working on your business.

This blog post will teach you about automation and how to use it.  This is an overall overview of things you should look into to understand how to use automation.  There are many different ways and type to do this.  There are many awesome tips in this post to help you use automation to save time so you can work on other more important stuff.

In the first place you should be using software one such as selenium

automatically does stuff to save time

use software’s

software bolero

equally important is using drop shipping

fulfillment by Amazon

active responses


in addition you should be using it on your store 

like wise for marketing 

 as well as auto responders

idea myth

also  consider using structuring

force of will


brake down steps

use a Virtual Assistant also know as a VA to manage your Automation

have a system- documentation

use a video to explain process

marketing automation

tools scoop, sniply, freeby

customer support atomized

personalize automated messages

Also don’t over automate

make sure to do test trials

Furthermore using email software will help

set it and forget it

auto answer questions


get pay for software?

also you should look into ali express

setup and maintain

keeps daily schedule on check

free payroll employee inform

automate cash flow

paper profits vs. cash flow profits


understanding pricing

collecting payments


use machines to manage teams

automated systems

again another thing to look into is phone alerts

also don’t forget about auto text messaging

These are starting points for you get started using automation in your business. Start with using it for one feature and make sure that it works as you want it to.  When using automation make sure you check up on it to make sure that it is working correctly.   This can be great for creating email funnels saving you lots of time in the long run.  There are many types of emails you can automate such as welcome emails, thank you emails, asking for feedback. 

Other things you can use it for posting on social media platforms. You can pre make your content and pick a time and day you want it to be posted at on each platform.  Once you understand it you will be amazed.  There are different ways to do this and different apps and plug ins you can use to accomplish this. 


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