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Best Tips For Getting a Trademark For your Business

Legal Entity, Common law, Validation Create an account

Get registration number

File online, Assign filing basics

Federal Registration overstate

Search if trademark is taken

Look for similar trade marks

Teas plus- 225 $- no specific description

Teas Reduced Fees- 275$

Teas regular form- 325$

Office action letter

An examiner will look at application

Which classification is it in? (0-45)

Custom description will cost more

Basics for filing page

Using now vs intending to use

Section 1(a) vs section 2(b)


Date of first time mark was used

Principal register, Provide sample

Back up with 2nd email

How long does it take to get

Need a screen capture using Dolezine on website

Show a picture of mark on a product

Proof of how using mark-on good itself, hang tag package

Have proper evidence of using name

Must be accurate

Exclusive rights

8 month earliest to get

Make sure cant be confused with other mark

Some trade marks are un trade markable

Private address vs business address

No Formal mistakes or office action

Can liscense out trademark name

Similar mark- sound, meaning, look

Slogan, logo, character

Search, search, search

Retail, commodities, house hold goods

Certification marks

Collective marks

Collective membership mark

Make sure signed correctly- /dustinrdollak/

Application is on public record

Principal register

Service mark vs trademark

Web browser requirements

Save as a PDF
use email communication

Terms used, Resources, Generic terms

International class, intersate commere


Am I registerting under Dustin R Dollak or Dolezine?

What category am I classifying as? 28?

Am I applying that name is already in use or intending?

Am I registing under personal or company?

Where do I use brand/mark?

Do I need consent from anyone?

Am I filing TEAS or TEAS plus?

How do I prove use of name?

Am I going to use a pre written description?

Is it an autourny filing out the application?

What address am I going to use?

What entity type am I filing under Invidual,llc, ?

What mark am I trade marking? Character mark?

What is description of mark?

Do I want to check additional statement?

Do I want to have multiple files showing use of good?

When was mark created?

What is signees position? owner

Who owns the mark?

Whos signing for the mark?

Disclaimer- do I need one?

Is it a good or service?

Is it trademarkable?

What s mental link between name and product?

Pay a lawyer? Find a lawyer- patent attourny

What is the trade mark protecting?

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