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Best Tips For What Is Needed For Patent Drawings

Images, pictures, scretches, photographs,

diagrams, photo copies, screen captures

Schematic in nature,Drawings explain the claims

Utility patents, Design patents, Plant patents

Pay someone to  make images professional

Drafting firm, Formal drawings

Black and white line drawings-

Show unique features of product

Features drawn out clearly

Number the features- with lines pointing

#s link to description of written description

Width of lines in drawing

Use software to draw images

Cadd software for 3d images

Drawings move in a flow chart

Can you put numbers in side drawing?

Complete drawings

Have correct page count numbering

Middle top bottom

Scale-lines, numbers, letters, durable, Line art

Clean, black, dense, dark, thick, uniform defined

different views

Plan views,Elevated views,Perspective views

Sectional views,Isometric projection

Exploded views, Front views

Right side view, Left side view

Rear view, Bottom view, Top view

Blown up partial view

Accurate clear drawing-simple

Helps to understand patent faster

USPTO drawing guidelines-8 pages

Software-draftsight now, Solid works

Make 3d computer model

Computer vs hand drawings

Us existing call files and modifty

Image must be scalable in all sizes

How many images on a page?

Sheets-no cracks, creases,folds,overwriting, interlineate ons, Alterations

Bad line quality, rough, un even poorly defined

Satisfactory reproduction characteristics

Color drawings not recommended

Flow chart represents method claims

Hatching must be used to indicate section portions, Hating 45 degree angle

Cross section-show all materials as shown in view from which cross section was takin

Different types of hatching

Exact, consistant

No photo copymarks, Shadding- surface shadding,No broken lines

Distinguish 3 deminsional features

Numerals 2 small-must measure .32 cm/ 1/8 inch height

correct line leads-point to oject reference #

Margins size A4 or 8 ½ x 11 inch sheets (29.7cm x 21 cm)

Top 2.5 cm  / 1inch,  Leftr 2.5 cm/ 1 inch

Right  1.5 cm / 5/8 inch,Bottom 1.0 cm/ 3/8 inch

Figures are described as screen captures not drawings

Correct figure or view numbers- 37CFR 1,84(p)(i)

Make sure partial views are on same page

Enlarged photo label as so

Drawings large enough when 2/3 size still readable

Us standard annotations–Paint-word-pdf

Pen or pencil drawings- Use india ink

Portrait perferered of landscape

On white, matte not shinny, flexible strong paper

No color, no photographs,

Drawings grouped together facing same direction on page

Use numbers not letters as reference characters in drawings

What font to use? line weight

Flow charts and diagrams are considered drawings

Drawing have no text matter-one or two words if any, Device level drawings

Flow diagrams, Fig # under drawing

Reference numerals-page 1 figure 1 number etc

How to display transparent figures

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