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Blogging Tips To Make Blog Stand Out

Have quality content

Have a good title

Have a good sub title

Good high quality pictures

Have a good thumbnail

Have a good thumbnail description

Add High quality video

add affiliate links in text

add affiliate links to pictures

Add an Amazon banner

add Google ad sense

break description into paragraphs

add tools and supplies lists and pics

have product on page to buy

500 words

add email sign up form

add social media accounts

check spelling and grammer

add podcast to blog posts

Have a call to action

list sources used

add testimonials

add top of page button at end


get idea’s from audience

build an email list

chat in forum for traffic

content management system


give away stuff for emails

be consistent

make sharable

look at other blogs

list sources


Google trends

Seo, keyword, tags

link to other bib blogs

helpful, useful,

make podcast about blog

rss feed replacement URL

top of page button at bottom

know what promoting

put links in words

put links in pictures

good descriptions

good quality pictures

good videos



good content

spelling grammar

page layout

buy product now button

galleries linked


scheduled posts


put Google ad sense on blog

put Amazon affiliate links on blog

post to stumble upon

post to reddit

make a thumbnail

thumbnail description

make back links

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