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Overview Of What You Will Need To get A PATENT

Completed application

Written Specifications



Coversheet, Sb-16

Sb a form

8 ½ x 11 inch 1 inch margins

Embedded fonts

S sign /dustinrdollak/125$

Free pdf must be in pdf

Use for credibility

Different colors

Find a patent lawyer-trade them for equity


PPA-tell story

Enablement someone can read it and understand it

Write so can stuff to it in the future

Well defined patent

Not a copy right                                                                                                                                                

Not a trademark

What font and size to use?

How could someone work around my patent?

What type of wording to use?

Its not about protection its about selling

65 $ to file for PPA micro entity

135$ to file for small entity

Use for licensing agreement

Establishes credablity

What is deference between micro and small entities?

First to file

Have list of related patents

Sb-15 a form

Ppa is a utlilty patent

Auturny docket number,references

Specification vs description

Registered or unregistered filing

Claims-own section

Patents drawings-pay someone

Look up examples of patents

Utility-protects the functional features of invention

Design-protect non functional appearance

Other countries call it industrial design

How does the numbering system work?

Classification numbers on patent

Can you file design and utility for same product

Find Madison patent laywer to partner

Description paragraph numbering [0001]

Show proof of when first made product

Write a descriptive summary of the idea-

Date and sign with witness signature

Can’t have been in publication, public use or on sale or a year

Do a patent search,Art search patent art

Need to qualify for the patent

Adjust patent

Do market research, Completion

What type of patent

What kind of protection do I need

How to enforce the patent?

How to know if someone is infringing?

Intelegucal property

Purpose- solves a problem

Utility,Design-15 years, Plant- 20 years

Non provisional


What is the most people will buy for?

When do you need a patent?

When do you need multiple patents?

Perceived ownership

Write so application has has value

Understand process business aspect vs legal aspect

Do a google image search

Use goolge patent search

Become expert in catagories

Licenses idea to licenses

Tell the story

Field of invention not the actual invention hats

What problem is it solving

Great detail- materials, how it can be used

Have good professional drawings

Flow chart

Like instrucitons

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