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The Best Tips for BRANDING your Business

Think of as a person

One word

What does brand represent

Be everywhere

Have a image logo

Have a character and image logo

Theme music

Catch phrase

Signing off phrase

Be enganged in Commuminty


Self explainitory

What does it make people feel



Tag line

What is message

Show what want people to think



To mark

Easily identifiable

What do people give you as gifts


Use colors meaning

Define story use story

Standout be different

Sending a message

Descriptive name

Email branding

Newsletter branding

Social media branding

Landing page branding

About page branding

Merchandise branding

Video background

Screen shots branding

Fonts branding

Style branding


Website branding

Podcast images branding


Layouts branding

Be personal

Videos background

Video clothing


Font colors

Side bars

Online store branding

Type of business

Whos the audience

Be honest and open

Be real

Trust threw transparence

Green friendly branding

Products branding

Product line branding

Video transistion branding

Video intro branding

Call to action branding

Location based branding

Business card branding

Logo water mark


Trade mark/copyright

Presentation branding

Ebook branding

Info product branding

Everything follows same theme

Background music

Screen capturing branding

On location filming branding

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