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What To Know About Labels When Designing A Product Label

Brand and color skem


Size of label, Shape of label

Include product name-easy identifiable

Include business name-1st thing notice

Font to use? Size of font

Contact info- website address,etc

Graphics, images-full color

Consider product labels for

Adding foil

Variable print design-use same label multiple products

Printing label myself vs Manufactures makes label and applys to product

Is label going on box, individual product, hang tag, bottle, can

Designing softwares-gimp, pic monkey, photo shop, word

Quality printer- ink jet vs lazer

Generic template vs designed template-right format

Safety warnings

FNSKU on product?

Research related products for ideas?

Clean, simple, professional

More color more money

Use packaging to add value

Add recipes, story, tips, directions, ingrediants

Photo of product being used

Make great first impression

Have product line mind


Product orgin

Room for barcode

Made in usa, china, organic, fda approved, etc

Measure area labels going on

Run threw laminator

Use fivrr, outsource hand made

Get feedback update

Can it be easily removed from package?

Does label communicate what product is?

Distinctive, impressionable

Texture,File size

Avery labels

Don’t want to smear, smudghes

Mat labels, waterproof labels

What is cost of label?

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