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Horse Shoes Towel Rack

How to make a towel rack using horse shoes and wood!

Using 4 old horse shoes and a 6 feet of wood a foot wide

I made this towel holder for my mom because, ya she likes horses. This was a fairly easy project to make. I used wood to make the back frame and shelves.  The width are both the same and the shelve comes about 8 inches. I used nails to attach the horse shoes to the frame. Before attaching I spray painted the the horses and added a clear coat. Also I stained the wood but you can buy wood that looks that and remember for the most part the towels will be covering it up.


step 1 Get Materials and Supplies



horse shoes

wood one inch thick 1 foot wide at least 6 feet long  or make your deminsions

nails or screws

paint and primer

optional wood glue





tape measure

paint brush

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting Wood


Step 3: Attaching Horse Shoes

Once you have your horses painted or unpainted to attach them i used nails. Make sure the nail heads colors match the horse shoes you can paint them too. I would recommend pre drilling a hole before nails so you don’t split the wood. ” not saying I did”. This can be done either before attaching shelves or after.




Step 4: Painting and Staining

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