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How to Make your Giant Wood Bar Dice for Outside or Inside

DIY Giant Bar Dice



Step 1: Get Tools and Supplies

wood 4 inch by 4 inch by at least 36 inches long

type of saw

wood burner

speed square

tape measure/ ruler


Step 2 Measureing

Always measure twice right. You are making dice you you want them to be as square as possible. At the store there are wood that come in sizes of 4 x 4 in different amount of length. Depending on how many dice your make determines how long you will need. Measure exactly the width and mark that deminion it might be slightly off of 4 inches so measure and cut to that if not exactly a 4 inch block of wood.

Step 3: Cutting

Becareful when cutting to make the straightest cut you can because like we said you are making dice and want them to be as even and flush as possible. This can be done with even a hand saw. Make sure to cut on the lines you marked.


Step 4: Add Numbers

To add the number figure out what size the circles will be and either mark them with a compass or quarter. I used a wood burner to wood burn the numbers into the wood. You could just a marker if you don’t have a wood burner.




This is a pretty easy project to make you do need to find the right wood most supply stores should have the wood you need. Make sure to make sure correctly and cut straight.

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