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The Number 0 “zero” in Relation to Gematria

The Number 0 is best place to start when understanding numbers in relation



As some background information Gematria is Merging the Number with the Letter and relations with Geometry. In Geometry line, Circles, and triangles are very important. They also have important meaning in Gematria.

The number 0 is spelled-ZERO which in Gematria that equals=64  (26+5+18+15) (z+e+r+o)

As you are probably aware the Number 0 looks a lot like a CIRCLE. There are 360 degrees in a circle, which is why starting at the number 0 is perfect because it bring it full circle back to where all number start.

In numerology the number 0 doesn’t hold a value. An example would if you came across the number 306 it would have same equivalence as the number 36.  This is known as a place holder

Also the number 0 kind of looks like an eye on its side.  And the eye is very important. as in All seeing Eye

Zero is both a number and a numerical digit

Other Words for Zero

Nothing               87                             42                           102                       30                  

none                     48                           21                             60                         15

Zero                      64                            28                           44                        17

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