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The Number 1 “one” Meaning and Relevance to Gematria

When we use the Number 1 we are using it in relation to Gematria. 

In gematria you merge the number with the letter. Just like you’ve probably heard A, B, C= 1, 2, 3. That means that 1 “one”= the Letter A

Also since gemartia is related to lines and circles this makes all the since that the number 1 look like a line which is where everything starts lines and circles


#1 is the only number that divides into all other numbers

#1 is the most important number, besides 0 it is the base of the numbering system

#1 is like god, being found in all things

You might have heard the phrase Numero UNO= Number 1

#1 has a correlation with 10 and 55 triangular-55 reduces to 1=(5+5)=10 ten reduces down to 1 (1+0)=1



ONE                          34                                16                                    47                            11   

UNO                          50                               14                                      31                            13

FIRST                          72                              27                                     63                              36


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