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The Number 2 “two” and it’s importance to the Language of Gematria

The Number 2 “Two”

As you can image the number 2 is the second most important behind the number 1.  

2 is the only number that divides into all even number making it very special

The Number 2 symbolizes the DUALITY of this WORLD- which is why it’s so important.

The rep digits of 2 are- 22, 2222, 222222,

2 is a single digit number more important because other numbers get reduced down to this number also only 9 single digit numbers not counting 0 “zero”

Keep in mind the words for two- 



Each of these words sound the Same as TWO but the numbers behind them are very different which is why using the word two the number is very import having the letters.          T   W    O



Two                              58                                13                                 23                                    14

Dose                            43                                16                                 65                                     20

Second                        60                                24                                102                                    30

Silver                           85                                31                                 77                                     41



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