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The Number 6 “six” one of the base numbers related to numerology and Gematria

When Learning about number and Gematria the single digit numbers are

most Import and the number 6 “six” is no different.


The sixth letter of the Alphabet is F


#6 is the first perfect number- That is very important the next perfect number 28 these are two main perfect numbers to focus on 6 being the first

In bible  mankind was created on the 6th Day

#6 has relation with the 216 because if multiply  6x6x6 that equal 216  and 666 is a common number to know about

The sixth planet is Saturn which is very important to know the significance of SATURN

six sides to Dice or cube

refereed to as HEX  Hex nut

In Latin six= sex

Standard guitar has six strings

six points in the Star of David

good took six days to create the world

beehive cells are six sided

6 is the atomic number for CARBON

the sixth month is JUNE

the six day of the week is Saturday





Six                                52                             16                         29                             20

sixth                           80                                26                       55                               28

Hex                              37                             19                         44                              8



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