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The Number 8 “eight” sounds like “Ate” but the Number 8 has great Gematria Meaning

The number 8″eight” has great meaning in


8th planet is Neptune

8th element is OXEGEN- (O)

#8 the most semetrical Number

#8 symbolizes the infinity  you might reconize how the number 8 looks like the infinity sign

# represents power and strength

the number eight is made up of two circles, in one circle there is 360 degrees, and there are two circles in the number 8 make 720 degrees, which as you should know in numerology the number 0 doesn’t hold a value so that make 72 so the number 8 has a relation with the number 72

eighth planet

roman numeral

Day of Year January 8 =1/8=18 

think of the 8 ball in pool

Zodiac number 8th in astrology is Scorpio

think of A movie Blank Mile???

#8 is lucky in chinesse

In tech a byte is 8 Bits


spiders and octopus have 8 legs


8=H the eight letter of alphabet is H

8 squared is 64= giving a relation between 8 and 64



eight                       49                         31                       86                       23   

eighth                     57                          39                     105                       24

ocho                    41                             23                       67                     13



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