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The Number 9 “Nine” last single digit number big meaning in Gematria

The number in Gematria is important because a lot of number reduces down 

 to 9 and that is important to know the meaning of the number 9.



#9 Represents completion

9 month pregnancy

Relation w/ #4

#9 godlike-sacred

January 9th is the 9th day of year=1/9

9th planet was pluto

9th element is Florine

9 square feet in a yard

astrology sign is Sagittarius

#9 is composite #

Polygon is 9 sided

9 innings in baseball

Nato Code= NIner tommy boy

group of 9 of anything is called ennead

9 ball a game in pool

part of word “NINEteen” written out



nine                                 42                                 24                           66                     21

ennead                            29                               20                            106                   25  

ninth                               65                                29                           70                        25




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