How to Make your Giant Wood Bar Dice for Outside or Inside

This blog will show you how to make your Giant Dice great for yard bar dice or any dice game being played outside or in a bigger room.

100 Truck Modifications

85 TRUCK MODIFICATIONS AND COUNTING   Introduction: 85 Truck Modifications and Counting       Things your should know about your vechilce Year Make Model Tilte information automatic or manual oil needed coolant needed vin number licsene number tire size 195/75 r14 tire pressure tire bolt lay out miles per gallon rear wheel or front…… Continue reading 100 Truck Modifications

Horse Shoes Towel Rack

This blog will show you how to make a towel race using horse shoes and wood. It does take a few tools make but it pretty easy.

Coffee Filters Holder

This blog will show you how to make a coffee filter holder out of wood.

How to Make Penny Coasters

Penny Coasters This blog post will show you how to make your set of four penny coasters!

How To Make Art Coasters With Common Supplies

This is how to make art coasters using markers and alochol   Supplies coasters markers rubbing alcohol felt bottoms   How To Make  

Horses Wall Coat Rack

This is a great way to hang jackets and sweat shirts.

Golf Ball Wall Display

This is the coolest way to display your golf balls. The extra cool thing about this is that the golf balls sit on golf tees!

Hand Sewn Tye

This is easier to make then you might think. Its pretty cool to wear a tye you made. There are many templates to follow.

Survival Jacket

This jacket will almost anything that will fit. So many pockets and features

Home made rubber band gun

This is pretty cool and fun to make. Great to shot pop cans or small objects.

PVC Sling Shot

This works crazy good for being made out of pvc pipe.

PVC or Foam Nunchucks

This is a great project to make. Good to start with foam so you don’t hurt your self. Be careful when using.

Cork Horse

This is super cool. Put them corks in the drawer to use. Get out the glue gun and start making a horse.

DIY Horse Wreath- How to make with common tools and supplies!

This is great for the winter time. Making a horse wreath is easier than it looks. People love it

Golf Tee Triangle Game

This is a great game to play. You want to jump over a tee’ to an open hole removing that tee trying to get down to only tee. You can only jump a tee is a straight row.