What is Gematria?

What is Gematria?   If you have never heard of Gematria, that’s not uncommon most people have not heard of it.  Gematria is an ancient practice of merging the letter with the number. Just like the song A, B, C easy as 1, 2, 3. That is referring to Gematria where A the first letter…… Continue reading What is Gematria?

Thursday Night Football Week 3 Decode Prediction

I think that the Jets will beat the Browns Score Could 23-20 hitting the over tie-n spread of 3

The Number 88 Meaning in Gematria

The Number 88-The Time Number Connected Number: Understanding that each number has other number associated with it.  Since I am showing you the number 88 I will give you some examples of number that have to to with 88 and why. 1440 28 1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 22, 44, 88 summing to=180 7 133,…… Continue reading The Number 88 Meaning in Gematria

The Number 9 “Nine” last single digit number big meaning in Gematria

The number 9 “nine” is a significant number in gematria and number in general it is the last single digit number be 10. Have you ever looked in the number 9 besides when you were in school?

The Number 8 “eight” sounds like “Ate” but the Number 8 has great Gematria Meaning

The number “eight” is made of up two circles one on top of each other and there are 360 degrees in a circle and how relates to gematria.

The Number 7 “Seven” one of the single digit number the base of Gematria!

The number 7 has a lot to do with everything it is a very interesting to understand the real meaning of the number 7 and Gematria can help explain that.

The Number 6 “six” one of the base numbers related to numerology and Gematria

The number 6 is very important to the study of gematria. Starting with the basic numbers is where to start when trying to understand numbers.

The Number 5 “five” and Gematria Conection

The Number 5 “five” is a very interesting number, especially when it pertains to the language of gematria. The number 5 equals the 5th letter of the alphabet which is the Letter E.

The Number 4 “Four” and Gematria. What you need to know.

The number 4 “four” is one of the 9 single digit numbers, which give it great importance to Gematria. There are many things about the number four that you should be aware of.

The Number 3 “three” What it means in Gematria

The number 3 has different meaning to different people. This is what the number 3 “three means in the language of Gematria. The Number 3 is one of the 9 basic numbers that all numbers break down to.

The Number 2 “two” and it’s importance to the Language of Gematria

The number 2 “two” has more meaning behind it than you are probably aware of. We look at the number two and why it is import to the study of Gematria.

The Number 1 “one” Meaning and Relevance to Gematria

This blog will give you information on the number 1 and how it is important to the study of Gematria. One is one of the most important numbers for many reasons as you can imagine but there is a deeper meaning to the number 1 that you might not know.

The Number 0 “zero” in Relation to Gematria

The Number 0 “zero” is an important number to know when it comes to Gematria, Starting with the Number 0 will help give you a base of how Numbers relate to letters and how there’s more to the numbers you see then know.

Connected Numbers to be aware of

The blog will give your reference on connected numbers and what they mean

Degree’s Can we talk about Degree’s-32 degree’s, 90 degree’s

Know Your Degree’s There is probably more to Degree’s that you think.  Degree’s everyone ones heard that, But degree’s for what schooling? Ya maybe here. Degree’s as in    Most common 98 degree’s the boy band 32 degree’s- temp of freezing 45 degree angle cut 90 degree angle of a square 60 degree triangle equalateral…… Continue reading Degree’s Can we talk about Degree’s-32 degree’s, 90 degree’s

Perfect Match Gematria Words-4 base Cyphers Match

This blog will show you examples of perfect match words.

What you really need to know at PI=3.14 3/14= 314= PIE

The number pi is more important that you might even realize. What Pi really means….

How the Body is important to numbers and Gematria being very important

Understanding your body and the numbers within the body are very cool and you should knew them and why.

Understanding how the Bible and Gematria are Related and Why it’s important to understand

This blog post will show you how there is much to do with the bible and gematria then you can even imagine.

States and Their Numerology Something everyone should know

This is a blog that will show you how to see what numbers are related to each state.