The Number 88 Meaning in Gematria

The Number 88-The Time Number Connected Number: Understanding that each number has other number associated with it.  Since I am showing you the number 88 I will give you some examples of number that have to to with 88 and why. 1440 28 1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 22, 44, 88 summing to=180 7 133,…… Continue reading The Number 88 Meaning in Gematria

The Number 9 “Nine” last single digit number big meaning in Gematria

The number 9 “nine” is a significant number in gematria and number in general it is the last single digit number be 10. Have you ever looked in the number 9 besides when you were in school?

The Number 8 “eight” sounds like “Ate” but the Number 8 has great Gematria Meaning

The number “eight” is made of up two circles one on top of each other and there are 360 degrees in a circle and how relates to gematria.

The Number 7 “Seven” one of the single digit number the base of Gematria!

The number 7 has a lot to do with everything it is a very interesting to understand the real meaning of the number 7 and Gematria can help explain that.

The Number 6 “six” one of the base numbers related to numerology and Gematria

The number 6 is very important to the study of gematria. Starting with the basic numbers is where to start when trying to understand numbers.

The Number 5 “five” and Gematria Conection

The Number 5 “five” is a very interesting number, especially when it pertains to the language of gematria. The number 5 equals the 5th letter of the alphabet which is the Letter E.

The Number 4 “Four” and Gematria. What you need to know.

The number 4 “four” is one of the 9 single digit numbers, which give it great importance to Gematria. There are many things about the number four that you should be aware of.

The Number 3 “three” What it means in Gematria

The number 3 has different meaning to different people. This is what the number 3 “three means in the language of Gematria. The Number 3 is one of the 9 basic numbers that all numbers break down to.

The Number 2 “two” and it’s importance to the Language of Gematria

The number 2 “two” has more meaning behind it than you are probably aware of. We look at the number two and why it is import to the study of Gematria.

The Number 1 “one” Meaning and Relevance to Gematria

This blog will give you information on the number 1 and how it is important to the study of Gematria. One is one of the most important numbers for many reasons as you can imagine but there is a deeper meaning to the number 1 that you might not know.

The Number 0 “zero” in Relation to Gematria

The Number 0 “zero” is an important number to know when it comes to Gematria, Starting with the Number 0 will help give you a base of how Numbers relate to letters and how there’s more to the numbers you see then know.