Golf Ball Wall Display

This is the coolest way to display your golf balls. The extra cool thing about this is that the golf balls sit on golf tees!

Golf Tee Triangle Game

This is a great game to play. You want to jump over a tee’ to an open hole removing that tee trying to get down to only tee. You can only jump a tee is a straight row.

Golf Chipping Mat

This is a great way to practice your chipping. You can use real golf balls, the foam golf balls or the wiffle golf balls.

Standing Golf Club Coat Rack

This is super cool and functions great. Put them old golf clubs not being used to use, or pick up some old clubs from your local thrift store.

Golf Greens Coasters

This is a great project to make for a golf lover. I like to make them in sets of four.

Golf Ball Wall Coat Holder

Great way to hang coats or jacket they fit on a golf ball great. You can make it as many golf ball you want for as many coats you wanna hang.

Golf Ball Key Chain

This is an easy project great for the golf lover. This requires a few tools to make.

Golf Ball In Wood Game

How did the golf ball get in the block of wood? read to find out how!!

Golfing Bag Storage

This is an awesome way to store your golf clubs and golfing gear.

Golf Bag Belt

Step- 1 Gather Tools and Supplies Belt  Elastic thread sewing machine stuff to put in belt Step-2 Making Wrap the belt you are going to use around your golf bag to see how it fits. Make sure belt is not to small or to long. It will function just like a normal belt but around…… Continue reading Golf Bag Belt

Golf Ball Tee Desk Display

This is how to make a Golf Ball with Tees desk display. Only need a few tools and supplies to make.

Happy Gilmore Hockey Stick Putter

This is DIY on How To make your own Happy Gilmore Hockey Stick Putter.This putter is fully functional and just awesome. It was made with common tools, and didn’t cost that much to make. This is great to have in your bag everyone comments on it. People want to try it out, take pics of…… Continue reading Happy Gilmore Hockey Stick Putter