Office Supplies Must Haves

Having the right office supply around is a must. Sometimes not having that one supply can hold up a shipment or order. Make sure you have back up supplies of coming supplies you use.


Their are certain skill that an help you in different aspects of life. Knowing many skill’s will help you in all parts of your life. Also knowing skills you can help other people out that might not know that skill.

Books you must read!

Books are great to read. Some people choose to listen to their books on audio. Having a hard copy of book is great for referencing out of it. Reading actual books is a great habit to get into.


This is a list of 100 good characteristics that you should strive to have. There are many other characteristics that are good to have these were the ones I thought I would mention.

It’s good to have good Habbits

Having good habits will help you in your everyday life. Don’t try and change all your habit’s at once or you end up getting over whelmed and not change any of your habits. Having good habits is key.