What is Gematria?

What is Gematria?   If you have never heard of Gematria, that’s not uncommon most people have not heard of it.  Gematria is an ancient practice of merging the letter with the number. Just like the song A, B, C easy as 1, 2, 3. That is referring to Gematria where A the first letter…… Continue reading What is Gematria?

Best Comedy Christmas TV Show Episodes

Christmas TV Shows   The Office Season 2              Episode 10          Christmas Party Season 3              Episode 10/11    A Benihana Christmas Season 5              Episode 11          Moroccan Christmas Season 6              Episode 13          Secret Santa Season 7              Episode 11/12    Classy Christmas Season 8              Episode 10          Christmas Wishes Season 9              Episode 9             Dwight Christmas             185th      12/06/201…… Continue reading Best Comedy Christmas TV Show Episodes

Was Mike McCarthy a Positive or Negative for the Packers?

Mike McCarthy What Makes a Good coach? Having good coaches underneath them Being good a play calling Being good a challenges Forth down play calling Trick plays calling being prepared for In game adjustments Good a time out management Having the Locker room Have your back Not allowing team to have mental penalties The local…… Continue reading Was Mike McCarthy a Positive or Negative for the Packers?

Places to Hike In Wisconsin

Pewist Nest Wander Wisconsin Pheasant branch conservatory olbrich Gardens North Country Senic Trail Natural Bridge Park Blue Mounds park Indian Lake Park Ice age Trail Glacial Drumlin Govener Nelson Govener Dodge Token Creek Devils Lake Fesitge Park Arobretem Picnic Point Cherokee marsh  

The Number 88 Meaning in Gematria

The Number 88-The Time Number Connected Number: Understanding that each number has other number associated with it.  Since I am showing you the number 88 I will give you some examples of number that have to to with 88 and why. 1440 28 1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 22, 44, 88 summing to=180 7 133,…… Continue reading The Number 88 Meaning in Gematria