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To inspire people to make something themselves


-About Us-

After graduation high school in southern Wisconsin I went to school for electronics. Have way threw I had an oppurtunity to move to California so I hoped on that. After living there for about a year I realized I need to have more education and experience so I moved bacck to Wisconsin to finish my schooling.

After graduating I got a job in the electronics field programming computer for hooking up thermostats.  During this time I was making projects in my basement and garage that I was sharing on a few sites.  After working there for 5 years I was let go and was out of a job.  I have heard of a few people making money off the projects they make so I started posting my projects and selling them on Etsy.  While doing this I also started selling stuff on ebay and amazon.  After doing that for a while I need more income so went to work delivering part time for some extra cash.  While doing this I realized I would need to make my own website and store to avoid fee’s and have my own platform. This is where the brand DOLEZINE came to be.  We needed an overall brand and company to manage everything we would like to share.

Now we have a platform where we can share the projects we make and sell them to people who like to buy them also.  This also gave us the oppertunity to merchandise our brand on our website.  Along with the merchandising we started making our own digital products for people.




Project Building


The project that focus on making are going to be projects that not only look cool but are also useful.  Most of the projects we make can be made with most common tools.  Also we like to make projects out of common materials anyone can find or might have laying around the house.  Many of theses projects can be made with your kids as helpers.  Main categories we make projects in are art, cork, electronics, golfing, horses, safes, wood, kids, pets, sewing, sports, survival and outdoors. We have project for anybody at any skill level.

Top Projects






Dolezine is the home of the original Zipperhat.  We created the zipperhat in 2011 and started selling them in 2016.   Theses are one of a kind hats that have a zipper on the back side of the hat unzipping vertically allowing to adjust the size of the hat.  Also there is fabric sewn in the zipper to keep your hair from getting caught in zipper. They also come with a pocket sewn in so that when using the pocket your can unzip zipper to allow room for stuff in pocket.




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