A. Gematria Reference/Decode (E-BOOK)-Digital Copy


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Digital Download

Gematria Decode Reference Book

200 Pages

64 Chapters



This is a Gematria Reference/ Decode Book
This is a Digital Download of the book.

Book is 200 pages
Book has 64 Chapters
Breakdown of Days, Dates, Numbers, Ciphers, and more
50% of proceeds are being dontated
1 Name PDF Calculating Worksheet Download
1 Date Numerology Worksheet Download
1 Calculating Date Duration Worksheet PDF Download
1 Sports Team Decode Example Printable PDF Download

This book will help you decode news stories and sporting events using the code of Gematria. If you do not know what Gematria is you should first get the book Letters and Numbers By Freetofindtruth on etsy as well.
This Reference book is inspired by that and is made to help people understand Geamtria and how to decode for yourself.
This also comes with four PDF worksheet downloads. I wanted to add more Downloadable Worksheets but only allows to add 5 total downloads.
Here is a video of me using the book


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