B. Gematria Reference Book (Paper Back)


This is the hard copy of the book Gematria Reference/Decode-Looking at Letters and Numbers a Different Way

By: Dolezine

This book is 200 pages long and 64 chapters. This book is used as a reference to fast and easily look up number that can help you in Gematria.


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This is the Gematria Reference/Book Guide-“Looking at Letters and Numbers in a different way”

By: Dolezine

This book will help you decode and understand how decoding works and how to come across those numbers.  Much of this information I share is from the book Letters and Numbers by Zachary k Hubbard which before purchasing this book you need to get and read. There is a link below to get it. 

This book is 200 pages of the most important stuff you need to know about Gematria and getting started.


add the file to your phone for quick reference.

Why the price is 25$

for me to print is .05 cent a page X 200 pages = 10 dollars

to bind the pages Cost 4.00

so the cost for me to make it 14.00 

plus a shipping bag and shipping cost.

Until I can get a supplier i Have to charge 20.00$ for me to make it even worth doing.

You can buy this book as in E book in products page for 10.00 and then get it printed out yourself.

The E book cost 10 dollars because I donate 5 dollars of each ebook sale to the person who inspired me to write this book.



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