The Tools I use and you can too!



Thank you for visiting Dolezine’s Resources Page. This page you will show you all the things i use to run website and you can too.  Some of the tools are for setting up your website, some are editing software. Some of these you might have heard of and some might be new.

I use all of the tools that I show you hear. Some of them I am a affiliate for so if you purchase them threw me I will get a commision at no charge to you.




WordPress is the platform i use to host my website on.  I found this to be the best platform for designing your own website without using HTML coding.  I used a promo code I found online at current time to save 15 percent making the cost 244 $ for a year.

Word Press


Go daddy is a platform to buy domain names to attach your website to.  Go daddy can be confusing to connect with website. Make sure you keep your account name and password in spot you will remember. I’ve had many issues with godaddy but still use them. Make sure to document all your infromation from them. For one domain name it is arounds 10$ per year.



Shopify store:

shopify is store that is intergreted with your website that allows you to set up an online store where you can import your products. This will allow you to drop ship products using attomation. There is a shopify plug in that works with wordpress as well.





Oberlo is a software that interrates with shopify to allow you to import products from ali-express.  This will create the listing for you and import them. This is a must have if using shopify store. There is a word press plug in for this also.





PicMonkey is a great tool for editing photos. They website is very easy to navigate to edit your images.  Its great for resizing banners, logos, screenshots, pretty much anything you need to edit images they have.  Picmonkey use to be free but now they charge 6 dollars and month






Audacity is free software tool that is used for audio recording. This is great for recording podcast or anything you need to record.  This is a software that you download to your computer.  Audacity is pretty easy software to understand how to use.



Blue Host:

BlueHost is great website hosting platform.  This is great place to get domain names or for site building. Blue host has one click wordpress installation also.  They offer a 30 day trail offer otherwise they have packages starting at 3.95 a month.



Mail chimp is a great Email Service Provider-ESP.  This is a great service for building your email list when starting out. It can be a little confusing when starting out using it but once you get the hang of it, it’s not bad. mailchimp intergrates with most all site building platforms.


Mail Chimp



Stamps dot com is great website to send packages out of your house or apartment. You print out the labels from your own printer and usps comes and picks ups the packages.




Hostgator is a hosting site if you don’t wanna do blue host.  This works with most all website building platforms. Host works buy storing all the stuff you put on your web building platform so viewer can access it faster by being on their server. Also helps save space on your


Host Gator


Screen Flow:

Screen Flow is a Mac software that is used to edit screen capturing video’s.  Screen capturing is a must. The price for this is a one time fee at 129$. This is a must have software to edit videos. Capturing your screen to show people will expand very thing you can show people. Keep in mind this is for Mac users

Screen Flow


Convertkit is an Email Service Provider that is great to maximize your sales funnel. That means they help with selling to your email list. They make it easy to to make emails and email funnels.






Camtasia is a screen capturing software for  PC users this is a 200 $ dollar one time cost.  This is the best screen editing software. This is great because there is a lot videos on how to use it.



Lead Pages:

Leadpages is a great resource to use if you are serious about your website and business. They make it great for people to use there layouts to make great landing pages. Also they make great email landing pages as well.

Lead Pages




Sam cart is shopping cart delivery service.  Having a shipping cart will increase your sales using their already programmed carts. This is super easy to inpliment on your website.




Teachables is an online digital product building software. They give you a platform to build your digital product and show them to the world. They have a great structure for building digital products. Starting of at 40$ / month




Thinkific is a digital product making software that is awesome.  Thinkific is free to start out to try their platform. One you have your digital product built and ready to publish it is then 50 dollars a month which once you start getting paid you should have to pay if you make money off your digital product.



Legal Zoom:

You might have heard of legalzoom. Legalzoom is great to get free legal advise. This is also great for pointing you in the right direction for what you might need.

Legal Zoom




Sucuri is a must to keep your website security. This does cost 200 for a year but will keep your website surcure. Also they will help you right away if you have issues with surcurity issues.




Coschedule starts off at 40 $ a month. This is a great software to pre schedule your post onto blogs and websites. This is great for when working with group members to know whats going on.



Deposit Photos:

Deposit photos used to be Istockphotos which is a platform to get royalty free images for your website. They do charge a monthly fee but have tons of picture to choose from to add to your website.

Deposit Photos



Dropbox is great for business. This allows you to store images, videos, audio files on a virtual cloud. They store your files on the cloud to save you space. The cost will depend on the amount of storage you use.

Drop Box


Deadline Funnels:


Deadline funnels is a great service to use which is great for selling. This intergreates with your email serice provier to provide in an incenitve to purchase they have a great and simple platform to use.

Deadline Funnels


Sumomo- App Sumo:

App sumo is an app to use for keyword research.  This a great to once you get fimiluar with it. Using keyword research is  must for online.




Type Form:

Type form is  a data collection service. This s a good thing to be aware of when making a website. This platform does chage a monthly platform.

Type Form


Long Tail Pro:

This is a keyword research keyword tool. this will help build your website much faster. People might over look this part of a website but you should not.

Long Tail Pro


Virtual Staff Finder:

Finding help to build a webste is a must. I found this to be a good resources to find people to help you with your life or business.


Virtual Staff Finder