Dolezine Experience Episode 2

This is the second episode of the dolezine experience.

1st Dolezine Experience

Fist podcast excerpt right here intro to podcast


Every Job needs the right tool. Make sure you have the right tool for the job.


Green screens are super fun to play around with.


This is a great way to practice tying knots. Also its pretty cool to display.


  Introduction: Vanity Mirror With Lights This instructable is of a Vanity Mirror with Lights that was a fun project to make. These are very expensive to buy so I decided to make one. Hopefully if anybody decides to make one I can help you save time and money in doing so. It took me several trips…… Continue reading VANITY MIRROR WITH LIGHTS


With all the devices that need charging now a days this is a must.


This post will show you how to make a 12 volt air conditioner that works great for camping. A small room in the summer time. Ive seen people use these in there car even.

Be aware of your Weaknesses

Everyone knows there strengths but tends to stay away from ther weaknesses. Being aware of your weaknesses will help you improve on them. Stuff you are weaker on you can get help or out source that type of work.

Stuff to do to stay Healthy

Staying healthy will help you with the rest of your life. Their are many different ways to stay healthy. Test out different ways and see what works best for you. Remember being healthy is more than just body it’s also keeping your mind in good health.

Hobbies I’ve tried and you should too!

Having hobbies is great for everybody. Some hobbies I have done and don’t do as much anymore. Sometime your hobbies change. Having many hobbies will help keep you well rounded.

Materials that are a must to use!

Being familular with many different types of materials will help with making projects. Having many materials around is great for when you happen to need it. Always make sure to have storage system for your materials.

You’ll need a goo TEAM!

Through out life it is a must to have a good team around you. Their are many different people needed at different points in your life. Paying for somebody to do something the right will save you in the long run.

People who are good to study their style

Following other people who have done what you want to do will save you time using their steps. Also other good people to follow are inspirational people. This is a good list to get you started.

Question to ask self?

Some times asking yourself the question to yourself first will save you time in the long run. Asking yourself question will help you get a better perspective on your end goal.

Best tips ever for Productivity

Being productive will help you in every aspect of your life. Doing this stuff will save you time and money.

Best tips for coming up for idea’s EVER

This is a list of tips I gathered on how to come up with an idea. This is just making the idea and coming up the concept. Remember and idea is nothing unless you actually make it and sell it to people.

Hunting 101

HUNTING 101 Introduction: Hunting 101   This instructables is to show a few tips to help hunters prepare for there hunt to make it more successful. I will tell you what I do leading up to the hunt, during and after as well as what to bring. This is gear towards deer rifle hunting but…… Continue reading Hunting 101

Good Strengths to have

This blog is a list of good strengths to have especially if you are in business or in life in general.

Business Tips you must use

This is a good list to start with if going into business. This list has a range of different tips that can help anybody.